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About Us

Here at West Coast Rayz and Sprayz we are committed to educating clients on the various UV and Spray Tanning Equipment, Skin Care Products, Nutrition and the Spa Services we offer.

Helping our clients gain and fully understand the products and services we have available gives our clients the tools they need to achieve and maintain the very best tan they can.  From equipment use and exposure times to pre and post treatment skin care, we’ve got you covered.  If we don’t have what you need or know the answer, we’ll find out.  It’s that simple.  Our goal is superior quality and customer service through knowledge and education!

A great tan starts with great skin and is maintained by continuous nourishment. In addition to pre and post tanning skin care lotions, we are pleased to offer the only spa services of their kind in Los Banos: Red Light Therapy, the Hydration Station and the Formostar Body Wrap. We provide an environment that is clean and comfortable, a place where clients can escape for a few minutes of “me” time throughout the day. With extended hours and conveniently located next to the gym and near a grocery store, it’s a seamless and stress-free outing that most can fit in their busy schedules.

No need to worry if we’re closed because we are here late during the week! West Coast Rayz and Sprayz’ clients can work out and then hit our salon as an additional treat.  Come in to get working on that beautiful glow today! Hours vary for Season, so check out our Facebook Page for the current hours and specials.

West Coast Rayz & Sprayz is locally owned and operated by Sheila Menezes. A transplant from the Bay Area, Sheila has been a part of this community since 1991 and is very well known. She studied at and is a Business/Finance School Graduate (Magna Cum Laude) of California State University at Stanislaus in Turlock.  Additionally, Sheila is a Certified Spray Tanning Technician and is a very hands on employer.  Most days you can find her working in the shop from open to close!  If you have any questions or concerns she has an “Open Door Policy” and looks forward to educating her clients on the different tanning and skin care treatments she offers.